Family Presence

I have a new grandson. Mason Kinsler was born Oct. 11, at 7 pounds, 6 ounces and 20 ¾ inches. We now have eight precious grandchildren. We are so blessed!

I was scheduled to attend the American College of Emergency Physicians conference in Seattle this week with Deena Brecher, 2013 ENA president-elect, and Sue Hohenhaus, ENA executive director. Even though I wasn’t able to attend, we were well represented by Deena and Sue at ACEP’s board, council and committee meetings.

I felt slightly guilty about not attending until I saw Mason. We all find ourselves at some point having to decide between career and family. For each of us, it is an individual decision. For me, this week the right decision was to stay home.

Next week I will be back on the road again, attending the Air Medical Transport Conference in Virginia Beach, Va., and then on to Austin, Texas, for the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management.

Enjoy your weekend,


My grandson Mason Kinsler



6 thoughts on “Family Presence

  1. Good adfternoon JoAnn,

    As I mention to all of my colleagues and relatives; family comes first! Thank you for sharing!


    Mark G

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