I went to London to visit the Queen

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Well, not actually the Queen; I went to England to attend and present at the Royal College of Nursing Emergency Care Association (RCN ECA) Conference “Safer in Your Hands.” Janet Youd, RN RCN ECA Chair (President) attended our Annual Conference and was part of the international panel. The RCA ECA Conference was a great meeting and a great opportunity to catch up with friends I met last year when I attended this same conference. I presented on bullying in nursing and the feedback I received reinforced the fact that this is a global issue. I had several attendees come talk to me and thank me for talking about this issue. I also had the opportunity to present a poster on ENA’s work on workplace violence.

Coming back to England brings me full circle in my role as president and also in my life. I attended this conference last year as a representative of ENA. It was a wonderful opportunity way to begin my role as president, even if it was a couple of months before becoming official. The relationships I developed during that meeting have continued through this year.

Besides being able to attend the conference I also had the opportunity to visit the Florence Nightingale Museum in London. This visit reminded me of the impact that we as nurses have on our patients— the importance of creating a safe environment.

Another opportunity I had was an invitation from someone I met last year at the RCN meeting. Sara Charters, RN, RCN ECA member and in RAF Reserves, extended an invitation to visit the Royal Air Force (RAF) Club in London to have tea. This was especially significant to me because my dad was stationed at Ruislip Air Force Base outside of London, which was a RAF Air Force Base that the US used as a tactical air command. While my dad and mom were stationed there I was born and lived in London for the first two years of my life. So, it seemed to be coming full circle in both my life and as my role as president. This was an experience of a lifetime. As ENA President I have had many of these experiences and I am so thankful for the many opportunities.

There are 51 days left in this year and as many days left in my presidency. It has been an amazing year and it is not finished yet. I have several more meetings to attend and more work to do.

I hope you have a great week.



One thought on “I went to London to visit the Queen

  1. JoAnn thank you for representing Emergency Nurses worldwide. Sounds like a great personal and professional experience in London. As a chapter president I understand all too well the countdown of days until the end of the year.

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