The suitcase is always full

I started off the week in Olean, N.Y., and I am now in West Palm Beach, Fla. Try packing for that! I am in Florida attending the Nurses Service Organization advisory board meeting. This is an opportunity for nurse leaders from many organizations to come together to talk about issues in our practice that impact our abilities to work safely.

I go home tomorrow afternoon, and then I head back Sunday morning to Olean for work. On Thursday of next week, I head for Minneapolis to attend the Nursing Organizations Alliance meeting.

For those of you wondering about the progress on our house that we are building, we are being told we will be able to move in next week. Bless my husband! He has had to tackle this building project with me giving advice long-distance, and now he will be moving us in without me. He definitely deserved the President’s Award I gave him in Nashville. At least it looks as if I will be able to spend some days at home the week of Thanksgiving.

Only 47 more days ‘til a new year, 2014!



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