Giving Thanks for Collaboration and Commitment

Another week of travel – I started the week in Olean, N.Y., and I am now in Minneapolis attending the Nursing Organizations Alliance meeting. This meeting is a forum for identification, education and collaboration-building on issues of common interest to advance the nursing profession. ENA has been a longtime member of this group. We typically send the executive director, president and president-elect. This year we chose to also send the 2014 president-elect. We believe this meeting is a great opportunity to give next year’s president and president-elect a jump start on networking with specialty organizations.

I mentioned last week that I was attending the Nurses Service Organization meeting in West Palm Beach, Fla. One of the discussions focused on patient errors, the learning that comes with these errors, whether we should share these errors and what we have learned with our patients and families. The speaker shared a video with our group and I thought this video was worth sharing with all of you.

Next week is Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season. My hope for all of you is that you will enjoy your time with your family and friends. Please take a moment to thank them for supporting you in your role as an emergency nurse and the time you commit to our profession. I am thankful for your dedication!



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