Workplace Attack Hits Close to Home

Last week we held our last board meeting of the year. It is hard to believe my term as ENA president is almost over. Just a few weeks left and I turn the gavel over to Deena Brecher.

Two weeks ago, a terrible tragedy occurred. A nurse died as the result of workplace violence in my hometown of Longview, Texas. Three others were injured during the attack. This week, one of the three people injured also died. Now two people are dead, the result of a senseless act of violence. This incident emphasizes the importance of the research ENA is doing in this area. We have to continue to collaborate with others to create a safe environment for all health care workers. There are so many things that need our focus while we are at work, and whether or not our environment is safe should not be one of them. Talk to the leadership at your hospital. Educate them to the facts. We have to advocate for ourselves.

ENA resources that can help you work with your colleagues and administrators to prevent workplace violence can be found here.

Stay safe!



2 thoughts on “Workplace Attack Hits Close to Home

  1. Workpkace Violence is never going to go away in the Emergency Department. Our only hope to minimize violence and to reduce injuries is to stay focused on the issue and to plan ahead.

    Knowing that violence in the ED will always be a part of that work does not mean complacency; it means every worker should know how to reduce violence in his/her individual interactions, administration be obligated to provide safety mechanisms, and there should be continuing research into contributing factors and interventions that reduce the potential for violence.

    Adaptation to violence in this country allows people to dismiss it because it is so common. Violence in our ED is unacceptable and targets staff that are bound by law to treat and care for those doing the harm.

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